Review Of Titleist Pro V1x & Pro V1 2015

Each couple of years Titleist refreshes the Pro V1 golf ball utilizing input that they get from golfers on and off the Tour.

Given the proceeding with predominance of the Pro V1, it is not amazing that the 2015 adaptation does not appear to have changed much at first look.

Titleist Pro V1 Pro V1x 2015

There are as yet two variants and the dimple designs continue as before. Not at all like most different producers they have not decreased the pressure to make the ball gentler, which is incredible as my head is running delicate with all the low pressure talk at this moment.

Be that as it may I feel the little changes they have made to the cover this time around offer a more prominent advantage to the Pro V1 than the greater changes they made in the last couple of emphasess.

Titleist has gone for another cover creation strategy called Thermoset. As opposed to make the urethane cover and afterward dissolve it to shape it around the ball, the Thermoset urethane it is made on the fly by including the fluid materials into the golf ball form and giving them a chance to respond.

This makes the cover milder and together with the new paint framework from the 2013 model it is altogether more strong than the last form. I have played a few rounds with a similar ball and there was more serious danger of it leaving play by me losing it that it being resigned because of wear and tear.

I figure you could receive no less than 2 decoration adjusts in return on the off chance that you are playing half nicely and possibly more. Given that the Pro V1 is one of the superior balls in the market anything that gives you more incentive for cash is surely going to be welcome.

Both the 2015 Pro V1 and Pro V1x feel substantially gentler than the 2013 models around the green, without feeling like puddings.

Golf Ball
Golf Ball

The 2015 Pro V1 appeared to take a seat somewhat faster with chips around the green on account of the milder cover. It was less demanding to get a little snatch on the main bob or as well, yet regardless it ran out well to the opening without suddenly hitting the brakes.

With the putter the Pro V1 felt and sounded milder, yet at the same time went a similar separation so the progressions are absolutely feel here. The turn and sound are as great, if not better than anyone might have expected, but rather it is the more drawn out shots where I saw a distinction.

By and large play the 2015 Pro V1 appeared to have a more grounded flight and better all round separation. Before long it turned out to be so observable when I was utilizing the 2013 variant that I was ideal back to the new form since it just performed better.

I additionally tried both balls on Trackman to check whether there were any distinctions and with the wedge the Pro V1 was the same, yet with the driver it traverse around 200 rpm less and a got another 5 yards. This will represent the lower, all the more entering flight and the additional separation as my drives will be arriving at a shallower edge.

The 2015 Pro V1x is a great deal gentler than the 2013 form, which was a little on the hard side notwithstanding for a Pro V1x. While the Pro V1x still feels firmer than the Pro V1, in the 2015 adaptations I feel that the distinction is not exactly some time recently.

On Trackman the firmer Pro V1x was the inverse of the Pro V1, with next to no distinction off the tee, however with a wedge it traverse around 500 rpm more, which is a 6% expansion for me. This is on account of the milder cover moves up the face progressively and gives a higher direction with the turn, which thusly makes it stop snappier on the green.

The most ideal approach to portray the sound and feel from the 2015 Pro V1x is that regarding “clickiness” and feel, it is about the same as the 2013 Pro V1. It is recognizably preferred sounding over the 2013 Pro V1x and again it has significantly more control than the past form with short chips.

In this way some marginal Pro V1 clients who might want more separation may find that the Pro V1x will probably be a choice at this point.

New Pro V1 2015 Looks

Generally when Titleist change Pro V1 adaptations they change the look of the side stamp and for the 2015 forms the strong bolts on each side are presently included two sections each, yet in an indistinguishable silver shading from some time recently.

The other distinction is the 3 ball sleeves which include the all gold plan for Pro V1 and all silver for Pro V1x, which if my memory serves me accurately was one of the first box hues.

So while the progressions outwardly are unobtrusive with the 2015 Pro V1, this time it’s all in the cover and the most recent forms are one of the best Pro V1s Titleist has done.

Overall these golf balls earn a solid 10/10 from me, they are very well designed and will last years if treated correctly.

Titleist Pro V1

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